Health & Safety

Hands-on & Classroom Educational Training provided to Field Level Employees:

1. Working At Heights: Legislative Requirements & Safe Work Procedure

2. Suspended Work Platform System (SWPS): Rigging & Operational Procedures

3. Hi-reach Aerial Lift & Counter Balance practical applications

4. WHMIS 2015

5. St. John Ambulance First Aid, CPR & AED

6. Workers’ Health & Safety Awareness Program

7. Supervisors’ Health & Safety Awareness Program

8.  Supervisor Basic & Advanced Training Programs

9. Hazard Awareness & Control to include Safe Work (job) Procedures & Practices

10. Occupational Health; control of Health Hazards & Risk Mitigation

11. Risk Mitigation Strategies: Avoidance, Acceptance, Transference & Limitation

12. Propane operation & Firefighting applications

13. Emergency Response & Rescue Techniques

14. Confined Spaces: Pre-entry & Entry Certification

Every Employee is continuously reminded to practice Safe Production using the guidance of the Rules of Conduct. All Employees know their responsibilities and to follow proper measures to achieve Legislative Compliance which will sustain a Healthy and Safe working environment.