The Restorers Group Inc. consistently monitors project sites to ensure a high level of safety

Our commitment to safety is our top priority and the continuous communication between site workers and the management team ensures a safe working environment from project start-up through to the completion of all projects.

Where we stand

Every employer is required by law to ensure the safety and health of their workers, regardless of the industry or their occupation. This is something that we here at The Restorers Group takes very seriously. We recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset. Construction workers are particularly exposed to high-risk environments that pose dangers which need to be addressed. 

Our construction site managers and project managers are proud to take personal responsibility to ensure the right safety measures are in place to safeguard the work site from unnecessary dangers or hazards.


The Restorers Group Inc. process in 4 easy steps


Onsite training sessions

The project manager and site supervisor review every project prior to commencement to establish the best methods of approaching the project from a safety and logistics viewpoint.

All site workers are notified of the evacuation and emergency procedures. All required safety information (MSDS sheets, safety manuals and required notices) are posted in plain view for easy and quick reference. 


Toolbox Meetings

These brief site meetings are held during the lunch period or at the beginning of a day where our team will deliver a number of possible safety techniques. These meetings can be utilized to  provide training for a new piece of equipment that the crew is not familiar with, or a reminder of a piece of equipment that is rarely used.


360 degree training and develpment

The Restorers Group Inc. takes a 360-degree approach to safety training and education. While the importance of onsite training sessions cannot be minimized, we recognize that the safety does not stop and start at the construction site gates. The Restorers Group safety training can be provided in a number of varieties. Some of the methods we have engaged with great success include:

• Onsite training sessions

• Offsite seminars

• Video presentations

• Manufacturer’s training

• Health and safety consultant programs


Manufacturer’s training

While the weather can play a role in terms of construction site viability The Restorers Group Inc. has a mandate to build expertise on all matters related to safety.  The Construction Safety Association of Ontario offers numerous training sessions on an increasingly large number of safety subjects.  The Restorers Group Inc. also has put in place a program which ensures relevant employees earn required safety certificates, upgrade skills, take refresher courses and have access to new or revised safety information. In addition,  The Restorers Group Inc. provides a large library of printed brochures, pamphlets, and booklets provided by a number of safety organizations including the Construction Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO). 


Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

The Restorers Group Inc. is committed to providing quality building restoration services that are accessible to all and to communicate with individuals with disabilities. We endeavor to ensure that our Accessibility Policy and related Safe Work Practices and Procedures are consistent with our four (4) core principles: dignity, equality of opportunity, integration, and independence.

We welcome comments and feedback on the way we provide our services to our clients where individuals with disabilities may have interaction. Our Customer Service Standard, Accessibility Commitment and Multi-Year Plan are available for download below.